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Co-Author - Al Chalabi

Wake Up!

Wake Up!: Survive and Prosper in the Coming Economic Turmoil.

"...a well–written, well–argued book, well worth buying for Christmas" (What Investment, November 2005)

"...the real value of this book is that is should alert people and leaders..." (Money Matters, July 2006)

Released September 2005.

Cracking the code

Cracking the Code: Understand and Profit from the Biotech Revolution That Will Transform Our Lives and Generate Fortunes.

This books focuses on the biotechnology sector, a sector that has provided us with technological innovations that have transformed the way we live.

Innovations in this sector offer more than just hope for a better life, but hope for better returns too.

This book details fast-moving trends and innovations, along with offering extensive advice on how to profit from those trends in business and investing.

Released April 2012.

Fast Forward

Fast Forward: The Technologies and Companies Shaping Our Future

As the pace of technological progress intensifies, agile businesses and entrepreneurs are discovering new applications that take advantage of faster and cheaper computer processing power.

The status quo is being upended across all industries, and in many cases totally new industries are being created.

Fast Forward is a book that filters this chaotic landscape and identifies the areas that will have the greatest impact to our lives, highlighting investment opportunities along the way.

These disruptive technologies span the fields of robotics, transportation, the changing internet, life sciences, 3D printing and energy, all of which are experiencing tremendous growth.

Released August 2014

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